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Welcome to Play On!

Do You Really Want
To Play In College?

    We Can Help!

Why Play On!?

After over two decades of national athletic college recruiting experience and being a part of the advent of "Athletic Recruiting Services," and having the privilege of mentoring thousands of student-athletes and their families, we made the thoughtful, obvious and proper decision to what has been brewing for years: With college coaches' input and insistence, to provide affordable, effective and a highly experienced alternative to recruiting services!  We finally had enough of over-charging and underwhelming entities taking advantage of good people who just wanted help! So, we published our Play On! guidebook.  A simple, direct and successful college recruiting game plan so YOU can take charge of your own unique recruiting path.  Very importantly, this also allows so many more families to get the help they need! 

  • DO NOT hire expensive and underwhelming recruiting (dis)services!

  • DO NOT expect to get discovered just because you're on an "elite" club team, or at camps, showcases, clinics or on websites!

  • DO NOT rely on your busy coaches to be the gatekeepers to college (even though they really want to). It's not their jobs. It's yours!  

  • WHEN YOU DECIDE you want to play at the next level, make your move!  College coaches WANT and need to hear from YOU!

  • IF THIS IS YOUR DREAM, be prepared to put the work in, from classroom to practice to games, and from training and nutrition to community service!

  • Please, DO NOT wait another day without a real plan, and the proper tools to execute it!

Is it in you?!  Do you really want to Play On? 

Runners Taking Off

Congratulations!  You Have Now Entered The Race And Your Heat Is Next.  Now What?”

Play On!  Mission

Through our Play On! guidebook and available Huddle mentoring assistance, we are completely committed to offering our twenty-three years of national college recruiting experience, our unabashed passion and process implementation, and support to all student-athletes, their families and coaches to make their next level education and athletic dreams a reality. 


Our Vow:  To Help You Play On!

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