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Can I negotiate my scholarship offer?

“Can/should we counter our scholarship offer?” Yes, u should! If this is you, you MUST be able to negotiate your package. Other options/offers, etc. It’s called LEVERAGE. Most of the next level SA’s are going to DII/III, NAIA or JUCO. Fantastic! And most DI’s are not full-boat offers. Samples in our book:

Leverage & Negotiating Offers

The goal of introducing yourself to many schools, and in different regions to allow a family to have leverage; in other words, options to potentially receive a more attractive financial package from a best-fit college opportunity. We are sure people have preferences for next level opportunities, but it is ESSENTIAL to position yourselfwith as many possibilities as you can.

Examples from pages 46,47 in our book, Play On! Certainly, prioritize the schools which have interest in you and you in them.

Now, you must be ready to know what will make most sense for you financially, emotionally, and logistically (playing time, coach relationship, etc.) and DO NOT HESITATE LETTING COACH KNOW YOU HAVE OTHER CONSIDERATIONS, OFFERS, COMMITMENTS TO CONSIDER! BE TRUTHFUL!

Depending on the directness and transparency of the dialogue, you may or may not share exact offer, or from whom, but NEVER mislead or misrepresent opportunities, as this will most likely end opportunities!

Ask for their best and final offer, and if you have already thought through what will make you secure in commit- ting to that offer and it’s the right fit accept. (This includes asking for all available funding sources:athletic aid; academic aid; endowment scholarships and ANY OTHER GRANT MONIES MADE AVAILABLE TO YOU . . . THEY SHOULD BREAK THIS DOWN CLEARLY FOR YOU).

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