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The Huddle

Teammate Assistance

Our Play On! Huddle was created to offer additional monthly mentoring to our teammates who may also seek additional personal next level guidance and assistance for their specific needs, challenges, and questions unique to their college recruiting journeys. 

Because The Huddle program is also affordable to all families, means many more thousands of families can access and be professionally supported throughout this once-in-a-lifetime endeavor!  To Play On!  

Huddle Highlights

  • Expert video evaluations and input of your provided game/skills footage

  • Critical monthly email mentoring responses to your areas of need guidance and support

  • 40% discount on College Coaches Online subscription, which offers easy-to-use access to all colleges’ websites and sport-specific coaches contact information – levels and regions

  • Monthly Play On! newsletter with helpful reminders and tips

$19.95 per month includes:

$149 Paid annually (save$90!)

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